Victims of Crime – Your Rights

Victims of crime in Ireland have a right to information, support and protection.

Victims of crime in Ireland have a right to information, support and protection.

If you are a visitor to Ireland and have been a victim of crime you have specific rights as follows:

  • The Gardaí (Irish Police) must be in a position to take a statement from a visitor who is a victim of crime immediately after a complaint is made.
  • A visitor who is a victim of crime has the right to interpretation and translation in certain situations.
  • A visitor who is a victim of crime has the right to a written acknowledgement of their complaint in a language understood by them.
  • A visitor who is a victim of crime can opt to make a complaint in the country where the crime took place or in their country of residence.

Right to information

  • A victim has the right to information from first contact with the Gardaí. Information may include the procedure to make a complaint, the type of support a victim can obtain, protection measures, legal advice and compensation.

Right to support

  • Victims have the right to have access to support services and the Gardaí must refer them to such services if this is what the victim wants. Support provided must be free of charge, confidential and available to victims who do not make an official complaint to Gardai.

Right to understand and to be understood

  • All communication with the victim must be in a simple and accessible language. It must take account of the victim’s age, language or any disability they may have.

Right to information about their case

  • A victim, at their request, must be informed about their case including any significant developments, the time and place of any trial and any final judgement in the case.

Right to interpretation and translation

  • If a victim does not understand or speak the language, they have a right to receive interpretation and translation. The interpretation and translation is free of charge and is available for at least any interviews or questioning.

Right to participate in criminal proceedings

  • A victim can be accompanied by a person of their choice, including a legal representative, when making a complaint to the Gardaí, unless it is not in the best interests of the victim or it may prejudice the case.
  • All victims of crime are now permitted to provide a victim impact statement at sentencing. Victims must be informed if the offender will not be prosecuted and will have right to have such a decision reviewed if they do not agree with the decision.

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